GPS Tracking for My Pet Dog or Cat

Have you ever wondered if you could use GPS tracking for your pet dog or a cat? I mean, it is very possible for them to wander off and get lost. I have known people who have lost their pets before and it’s a heart breaking scene. After all, they are family too.

The TK102 GPS tracking device is a great tracking device with which you could use to track almost anything including your pets. They’re very small, and extremely light. The unit weighs about 50 grams. You can attach it to a pet’s collar and get real time tracking updates of where ever the device goes. You can also see the route in which it takes.

How exactly does the TK102 work? One full charge lasts up to 96 hours. You can get accurate coordinates sent directly to your mobile phone or your computer. With the longitude and latitude coordinates, you can use Google Earth to get a visualization of where those coordinates are. 

So, you no longer need to worry about losing your dog or your cat. 

The best thing about this device is that it’s extremely affordable. Get more information following the link below:

TK102 GPS Tracking Device

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