Vehicle GPS Tracker – In case of stolen car or just to trace where someone is going

Having a vehicle GPS tracker can be useful in many ways. Whether it’s because you need to know where your teenager is taking your car, or in case your car ever gets stolen. The TK102 GPS tracker can track in real time and can display the route that the device has take to get to it’s destination.

The TK102 weighs only about 50 grams is a very small device that can be slipped somewhere in a car so that it is not found. The battery life lasts up to 96 hours on standby. You can get alerts via SMS, or you could get real time tracking updates of where the device is exactly. It does not lose service and can get reception even in places without much sky view, such as in a canyon. If it does ever lose service, the device will log the last position where it had service.

I know that a lot of people lose sleep over being afraid that their car might get stolen, or that they do not know where someone is taking their car. The TK102 GPS tracking device can solve that problem and allow you peace of mind.

Here’s a video of the TK102 in action: (the video is not in English, but you’ll get an idea of how it works)


To find out where to purchase the TK102 gps tracking device, click here.