Real Time GPS Tracking for Tracking Person

First of all, let me make this clear, that I am not suggesting that you use any type of GPS tracking device to stalk or conduct any sort of illegal activity with. However, if you must know, there are ways you can track a person.

Reasons why you might want to track a person may include, an elderly who often wanders off without notice might need one. It could be pretty scary to have your Grandpa walk out on his own sometimes if he has a medical condition that does not permit him to be out without supervision.

Another reason may include tracking your children. As parents, we are always concerned about our teenagers. We want to know that they’re in school when they are supposed to, and that they are where they say they are. If they say that they’re en route home, you might want to know that is what they’re really doing as well.

The TK102 GPS tracking device allows you to do so. It’s a very small GPS tracker that weighs about 50 grams. You can slip it in a book bag, a jacket, or where ever you can find a good place to conceal it. Once the device is active, it can send longitude and latitude coordinates directly to your mobile phone or computer on demand. It tracks and traces in REAL TIME. One charge can last up to 96 hours on standby.

How does it work? You slip a prepaid simcard in there, and it will get reception using cell towers. It can then relay messages back to you. This device can be used worldwide. So it doesn’t matter if you’re Japan or Brazil, you can still track using the TK102! Pretty amazing stuff!

So if you’re wondering how much this high tech GPS tracker for tracking people might cost, you’ll be shocked to find out that it’s as low as $69.95 shipped. You can find the link to the deal and more information (including a demonstration video) below:


The TK102 is a multi-purposed small, discreet, and lightweight GPS tracking device with the latest technological components. It is also very affordable and easy to obtain.

person gps tracker for tracking people